NFL dream now reality for Chiefs' Eric Fisher and his mom (1 Viewer)


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Feb 1, 2004
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NEW YORK — Eric Fisher is as big as a giant and looks a bit like a bouncer at a rough bar. That’s part of what the Chiefs liked about him. He plays football like an ornery cuss, with a nasty streak and the kind of factory-worker style that old-timers sometimes say doesn’t exist anymore.

That’s part of why the Chiefs made Fisher, a left tackle from Central Michigan, the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft on Thursday night, and it’s part of why people sometimes get the wrong idea about him. He’s a 6-foot-7, 305-pound sweetheart who puts pass rushers in the dirt because he wants to make his mother proud.

Heidi Langegger raised this enormous son by herself, a single mother who’s on her 33rd year working in Volkswagen’s warranty department. As her boy realized a dream on Thursday at Radio City Music Hall, mom did a little crying and a lot of reflecting. Can you believe this? Her son?

“He was my little man,” she says. “Now, he’s my big, little man.”

By Sam Mellinger / Times Picayune

Full Story – Nola.Com

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