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Jun 6, 2004
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Covington, La.
The official pro bowl ballot on the nfl website was put up last week after 5-6 weeks of games played. It seems weird that you vote so early in the season with only a limited amount of games played to this point. What's even more strange is absent from the list is our own Drew Brees. How is this possible? Let's take a look at who is on the ballot.

Tom Brady - 1st in average yards per game passing. Has only played in two games.

Matt Ryan - 3rd in average yards per game passing. He's having a great year so far.

Big Ben - 8th in average yards per game passing. Started strong. Now hurt.

Dbl. Check - 21st in average yards per game passing. Rodgers slow start raises Qs.

Cam OldNews - 19th in average yards per game. This pouter shouldn't be considered.

Dak Prescott - 22nd in average yards per game. ROY candidate but pro bowl?

Left out here is Drew Brees. 2nd in average yards per game passing. Only 1 yard per game ahead of noodle arm but once the clowns have their bye week and a melt down along the way, Drew will lead the league once again in total yards passing and win the passing crown, surpassing 5,000 yards again for the season. Brady has no chance to catch Ryan or Brees having missed the first four games of the season. So here we have it, the QB most likely to win the passing crown once the season is complete not even listed on the official ballot for the pro bowl. The 0-3 start didn't help, but this is not a team honor it is an individual honor based on the performance of the individual player. I don't get it.


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Sep 2, 2007
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And for the 10th straight year I will continue my boycott of all things dealing with the joke they call a pro-bowl until they get rid of the fan and player votes. The need to go to strictly a coaches vote (preferably just coordinators and head coaches) and have it done after week 17 and before the playoffs start.

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