NFL Official Scoring: McNabb to Buckhalter 55 yard TD (1 Viewer)

st. jon's

Mar 11, 2006
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How many people lost their fantasy football game due to the NFL's official scorer changing it to a 55 yard TD pass instead of the previous call which was a fumble recovery by Buckwalter?

It screwed one of our league owners out of a chance to clinch a division title. He had a one point win and now it's a 6 point loss. Needless to say, he's not to happy.
It didn't hurt me to much but I am currently in the lead for top score for the season which nets a cool $20. I sure hope I don't lose by 6.
I'm still waiting for the NFL to change Chester Taylor's fumble to a TD. He was clearly in the end zone when he fumbled but the refs didn't blow the whistle and the Vikings didn't challenge because Taylor's teammate recovered it for the TD. Made an 8 point swing from a TD to a fumble.

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