Nice dig by Auburn fans at Bama fans (1 Viewer)


I hate American Airlines
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May 13, 2005
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I hate em both, but this is pretty freakin funny :spit:


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Life imitating art..only here maybe used a bit more constructively, mildly unfriendly digs at Alabama fans aside.

besides, keep, I'll never endorse support nasty attacks, or mean-spirited cheap shots except when involving Falcons fans, their ******* monstrosity team, and that pathetic Superdome rip-off Georgia Dome. I'd prefer the Metrodome, no, better yet, old Atlanta-Fulton over that colossal architectural failure.
Yeah, well, they can dish it out but apparently 'Bama can't . . .

Alabama fired a part-time employee who played songs aimed at Auburn quarterback Cam Newton before Saturday’s game. The university spokeswoman Debbie Lane said that the employee was fired for not getting clearance before playing “Take the Money and Run” and “Son of a Preacher Man” over the public-address system while Newton and the Tigers warmed up.

Somebody is seriously lacking a sense of humor . . .
At TJ Ribbs in Baton Rouge there was a sign before the Mississippi State game that read:

Welcome, Mississippi State fans. Please enjoy our indoor plumbing.

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