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May 1, 2000
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How does he do it? Mirrors? He can't see over the lineman , can't throw over ten yards, we needs to run a dink and dunk offense with him? We don't have LT, or Gates, or the charger defense, this is just some of the stuff I heard on this forum when we got Brees.
Drew has a secret eye located in his birthmark on his face.
It can see in 360 degrees...
So Drew can see under and over defensive lineman that is trying to sack him, it also allows him to stop the action and change into his Superman costume.
He then throws the ball as hard as he can and runs down the field, stops the action once again and picks up Devery, Margues, or Joe and runs down the field, puts them in front of the ball and restarts the action......
The only mirror Drew needs is the one he looks into when he is in Hawaai sometime in February.
He looks into the mirror and says, "What were the Chargers thinking?"
As he looks down at his Super Bowl MVP trophy.
He ponders.....
I'll bet the NFL would shemp their pants if the Saints won back to back Super Bowls!!!!!!
There were certain question marks about him. He has transcended them. Let's enjoy the ride rather than re-hash them. If he has a bad game and those question marks come into play, discuss them as relevant, but no need to bring them up now with the way he's lighting it up.
Thats whats make him just plain AWESOME DREW BREES. Don't forget in your prayers tonight to say thanks to the chargers.

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