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Sep 9, 2005
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Redlands, CA
the best thing about drafting reggie is that I have seen more saints games without having to go to the bar. out here on the west coast we get them again this week


could it be a trend
That's great. Being a former military guy myself, i can relate to not being able to see your favorite team play on Sundays.
I've heard that. My sister-in-law lives 45 minutes east of Los Angeles, and she tells me that the Saints are on quite often there.

I usually have to watch the damn falcons in the 1:00 time slot here in ATL. I have direct TV, but the NFL package is too expensive for my blood.

Saints 30
Falcons 17
I think it could be a trend if we continue to win and stay in the playoff hunt, which should be all year long because the NFC is weak...
we get the 4th Saints game this season this sunday. In normal years we get one if we're lucky. But with Falcons signing Morten A, the two games against the dirty birds were guarantied.

Geaux Saints
It's because of Bush, pretty much... he's a SoCal native, and starred at USC. They'd be crazy NOT to carry Saints games.

It's like why people were wondering why New Orleans got the Colts-Bills game a few weeks back - Peyton and R. Wayne are from NO and JP Losman played ball at Tulane.

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