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May 22, 2000
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We have the Rookie of the year and one of the best QBs!!!!

Lets get over this loss and we win next week...NO crying!!!
I totally agree. This is no time for panicking. We farted a little, but we did not stink up the place.
I'm not crying...Hey...I think we can start this week, esp. with the Falcons lost...SAINTS ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS...NO DOUBTS!!! GO SAINTS!!!
I am surely not going to cry. I am ****** tonight just b/c i thought we could of won. But in the grand scheme of things i am pleased with how we are playing.
Count me in as proud of the effort also, I just think it is a shame that we keep turning the ball over like this. We have got to start taking care of the ball better as we get closer to playoff time.
I agree... The old Saints would have folded and hung their heads after being down 14-0. Remember we have a young team that made mistakes. We'll be ok...
Good post! look this is the Super Bowl winner. Regardless of their record! wE HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO. We have defgensive needs that won't be fixed this season I say be excited about the effort and the potential this team and this coaching staff display. and wow what a QB Brees is! My big probem: Give Deuce the damn ball!!!
I'm hoping the crowd will be a difference maker against Cincy next week. They are a little down right now with all the close losses they've had, but they are still a great team and will be hard to beat.
This team is different, No more playing behind for 3 quarters, we could challenge any team on the schedule, I think we could win the rest of our games. Plus, Im not as mad like past years. This team is a good team period.

BTW, GO Bucs!!!!!
Like I mentioned in an earlier post. Tough loss, But one hell of a game. We'll bounce back. Usually I would be steaming mad, But this team played a full 60 minutes and came out on the short end of the score. This team has no quit in it.

We as fans got to let this loss go and get ready to help our boys kick some bengals butt next weekend.
Its not so much the crying, its that no matter how well we play offensively and defensively people will still find something to complain about win or lose, we lost today, but we lost because of the turnovers not because of bad play and execution which has been the reason for us losing the last 3yrs, we all forget how we used to play and think we always were a 6-2 team that were supposed to dominate and win everygame we go into, we played the Super Bowl champs to the wire on there home field, but all some people are talking about is cutting Copper, like were that talented on the Depth Chart to begin with....The New Orleans Saints are a good football team and we could very well end up 11-5 or 10-6 either way thats the Playoffs and maybe even a divsion titles and its a far cry from that 3-13 season yall forget about......I LOVE watching this team!
Give Deuce the damn ball!!!

THAT is what i'm sayin'!!!!.. no need for fallin' apart.. of the Saints '3' losses
'2' were to the AFC, no worries.. but Deuce does need to get the ball more..
I remember seein' a shot of him huddling up his teamates on the sideline
givin' them the buisness & let'n them know not to give up.. He's a man!! &
the kind of man that should be run'n the rock 20-25 times a game.. I'm not
sure if agreed with Coachs' throwing philosiphy today, yeah 2 starting DB's
were out but at the same time the M.O. of the Saints has always been ball
control, play action & then pass.. it wears down defenses this way.. so basically

"GeauX SaintS" !!


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