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Apr 18, 2013
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no hiding the fact that Seattle has been this team's achilles heel. SEA knows we're a soft/finesse team, and they bully us every time we play. You can just tell Brees is way more nervous and jittery when playing SEA than any other team. But that's where having our young guys/FA pickups made all the difference. Thomas, Lasco, Hightower, they have no history with SEA... They weren't afraid and they set the tone HARD, they were physical. It made a huge difference and you could tell it eased Drew into the game when MT was being physical and making plays. It gave the team confidence and we were really able to move the ball better against SEA than I can remember in the past 5 years.

i think we conquered a lot of demons in this game, and believe it will be a big breakthrough for this team. NO has always looked different just playing SEA. Like you could put Browns players in SEA uniforms and we would lose... Now that is all out the window. Benching Ingram was the right thing to do. Hightower played extremely well and was physical. 1st 100 yard game in a long time I feel like for a NO running back.

Defense was OUTSTANDING. Wow. What a joy to watch. It was weird to feel comfortable putting the defense on the field. Big credit to those guys. Cam played great. Stupar was good. Byrd even stepped up and was physical. Crawley still scares the hell out of me, but when Moore and Breaux are back it will be a non factor.

Lutz. what can you say about the guy. He is just rock solid. Feels good to have him too.

Overall it was an exciting game to watch, even though we left a lot of points on the board from the 1 yard line, it made for a really exciting hard fought game. And a huge, well deserved win. I really can't overstate how big of a win I think this will be for NO... beating SEA has to feel like a huge weight off their shoulders.

what a big win!


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