No Joe Horn or J. Brown today (MERGED x2) (1 Viewer)

Both listed as questionable, Horn -Groin, Bush-ankle. Interviews all week have been pointing towards Bush playing, with not much about Horn.

I'd guess that they both dress for the game (Joe may not depending how he's moving this morning), but may not see much playing time if they appear bothered by the injuries, although Bush has been playing with the ankle injury all year so he'll probably play through it some more.

This is probably not anything new. Saints have been very tight lipped about injuries all year unless severe.
They both practiced on Friday. We all know they both badly want to play. I think there's a good chance we'll see them today.
Strief is having problems with a finger injury and probably will be wearing some kind of brace or cast on it.

That means both of the left tackles are banged up.

Injury bug sucks as bad as the penalty bug, turnover bug, not scoring in the red zone bug, etc.

Hope we get well soon.
Very odd...the official team site doesn't even have the list of inactive players up today...usually on gameday they have both teams' inactive players listed on the the right side of the page. Guess their taking a page out of Belichick's book and keeping their injuries secret (just like Michael Lewis's comeback last week which was never announced).

However, I've seen on or that both Bush and Horn are listed as injured but expected to play but Jammal Brown will not...sorry I dont have a link because I saw that yesterday and I dont remember how to get there.
Jammal Brown and Joe Horn not playing in todays game....

Per wwl....

strief will start in at LT and Copper will start at WR....ouch.
Kenny W just said Brown and Horn are out, and in fact aren't even in Tampa. Strief and Copper are in.
No Joe Horn or J. Brown today (MERGED)

Terrance Copper and Zach Strief will start. Per WWL on Tampa.

They say they didnt even make the trip to Tampa.

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