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Mar 19, 2005
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Olla, La
Just looking at the numbers and how our opponents have scored, one of the biggest keys to this game that I see will be not allowing the Jets to get the ball with a short field (which will be more difficult than some may think because of their aggressive defense and Leon Washington returning kicks).

Of the 56 points we've allowed, 16 have been a direct result of a fake FG, intentional safety, and fumble return. Seventeen other points have come because of short fields allowed by our coverage units (PR to our 13 and KOR to our 12 against Detroit, KOR to our 35 against Philly). The short of it is that Detroit, Philly, and Buffalo have combined to drive the field against our defense for 23 points...2 TDs, 3 FGs. And really, that's not even true...Detroit and Philly both scored TDs against us because of long plays in the passing game (by one of the best in Calvin Johnson and one of the fastest/most electric in Desean Jackson).

None of our three opponents put together a long drive on us that has resulted in a TD. So if our offense and STs can refrain from giving the Jets a short field to work with, I feel pretty good about our defense's ability to keep the Jets offense at bay. It will help if the Dome is rockin' for 60 minutes.


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Sep 16, 2002
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Henderson, NV
This is where Morestead comes in. This guy can help more than anyone (except the coaching staff and Mickey Loomis) would have thought before the season began.

I wouldn't sweat returns too much.

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