North Korea Defector gives Interview - CNN


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Kim Jong Un wants to meet Trump, will never get up nukes, says defector -

Basically this guy thinks nothing will change so long as Kim Jong Un is in charge. He won't give up nukes. He wants to meet Trump, mostly because he sees the regime change as an opportunity to change his status.

The only way to change North Korea's destiny is to change its leader, says the most senior North Korean diplomat to defect in almost 20 years.

Thae Yong Ho was number two in the North Korean embassy in London before he escaped with his wife and two sons, arriving in South Korea in August.

"As long as Kim Jong Un is in power, there'll be no chance for the world to improve the human rights issue" or cancel "the nuclear program," he says.

Thae's initial hopes that Kim's youth and overseas studies would make him a reformer were soon destroyed as he saw more and more of his fellow high-ranking officials being executed, almost, he says, on a whim.

"If Kim Jong Un decides to kill someone, if he thinks that he is a threat or he scared him, he just wants to get rid of him, that is the present reality of North Korea," he says, adding that he knows more elites will defect.

A lot of good stuff in this interview. The sanctions are working, but China needs to do more and take their Nukes more seriously. Also, he was lucky to have his wife and kids, so they could all escape, but the rest of his family will likely end up in prison camps or executed. the defector thinks no other diplomats will likely have their family with them, so they won't defect to avoid their children/spouses being used against them as hostages.


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