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Jun 4, 2005
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Not concerned with critics and others' predictions

Today proved that the Saints are BACK!

But don't listen to some of the NFL "experts." According to them, we're just LUCKY!

The secondary stepped it up. Vick was 9/24 for less than 100 yds. Hidden in the stats are the fact that the Saints' secondary caused a few hurries & sacks because of coverage.

The coverage teams seemed to be more disciplined with Freddy Mac back in action. Overall, they kept a pretty good Atlanta return team in check.

Lots of "critics" say the way to win is to pound the ball, because a good running game will control the game's tempo. Well, today the Falcons had 281 yds. rushing. But the Saints' D had to bend, but didn't break.

Uhhh... we had ZERO turnovers today.

Drew had the offense on a pretty balanced diet. Yet, he maximized the big play. Devery and Copper came up big, even though Colston was out. And yes, ...I almost brought the neighbors out in my neighborhood after Joe made that one-hand snag! Drew Brees' bomb to Copper went over 55yds in the air. Let's sign him long term franchise BEFORE the end of the season!

Side notes:

* Vick did his AB impression coming off the field at halftime.

* Hey, didn't the "invincible Panthers" lose to the Redskins. BTW, the Panthers have never won on the road vs. Washington.

* I still believe it's possible for us to run the table. Won't be easy, but it isn't an impossibility (...with this team)!
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