Not only has the loss of Harper hurt our defense, but the loss... (1 Viewer)


Aug 23, 2006
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Mandeville, La.
of Ninkovich I believe has hurt this team also. Grant and Smith have played well, but it seems like they may wear down a bit in the second half of games. Ninkovich really showed a lot of speed off the edge in the preseason and also put some pressure on the qb the first two games. He really did'nt have a lot of time to show his stuff, but I think he showed enough in preseason and the first two games that he would have been a nice fill-in for our two ends down the stretch of games to allow our two pass rushers to get a breather. The guys that come in just don't pressure the qb much.
I think you bring up a good point j-mac. I really liked what I saw out of Ninko before he went down, and even though he was a rookie, I think he would have helped our DE rotation quite a bit. I bet he'd have around 3-4 sacks for us at this point.

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