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Mar 5, 2015
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...I think the most concerning thing to me is injuries to this team that we all know has a serious lack of quality depth of talent.

I do not believe that as a fan one could deny there have been very bad moves made with free agent aquisitions and questionable draft picks. Hindsight is 20/20, everyone understands that. At the end of the day, W/L results are what coaches and front offices are graded on. At this point, the serious lack of quality depth comes into play. The big question becomes; Does the injuries and lack of depth end up causing this team another losing season and subsequently Payton and Loomis their jobs at the end of next season?

I do not see Payton and co. being in peril after this year, but a losing season this year and another losing season in '17, they could be done. Add in Brees may be gone and Payton without an experienced QB he can mentor.

One other thing I have questioned about this coaching staff. Coaches Johnson, Vitt snd McMahon. The three respective facets they coach all have been less then stellar all the years Payton has been here. Is it because these 3 guys are not really wanted by other teams and come as a bargain to Payton and submit to Payton's demands, instead of being their own men?

Sad reality we as Saints fans may be facing after the 2017 season, IMO.

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