Nothing but cute puppies ... or other cute animals (but baby elephants are the best) (2 Viewers)


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Dec 13, 2006
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Sarepta, LA
Are you going to be able to get her back in the house?
HA HA.. I've got 4 dogs.. I tell them all to come inside. the other 3, I make come inside, because they'll bark or cause other troubles outside. Cheyenne, I always give her a choice. She comes to the door, if she wants to go IN, she goes in.. if she doesn't want to, she jumps up in this big comfy chair I got on the porch, and she lays down.. tell her O.K. She's been digging the colder weather for sure and having fun in the snow. After long enough, she likes to come in and lay on a couch somewhere.

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