NS: HAHA.....Jim Rome killing Kellen Winslow (1 Viewer)


DubyaDubyaWeLuvya BuddyD!
Apr 6, 2002
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Jim ROME.....not Role :) was just going off on TE Kellen Winslow bec. he was saying that he is better than Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales. Funny Stuff. I guess we aren't the only ones sick of his mouth.
I said I was the Best. I am the best. I'm going to prove it on Sunday. It's not about the Browns vs. Chargers, it's about me vs. Antonio Gates. What a MORON !!
and to think some people on here said they'd want him on our team. I think I'll pass.
Winslow needs to know his role and shut his mouth!!!
he probably has "Chosen One" tattooed on his back
just wondering, has any of the win predictions by wide revievers even come true this year? at least with c. johnson aka ocho cinco, he was funny and entertaining about it. plus he was ready to eat crow afterwards.
If it weren't for the fact that I watch SportsCenter I would be able to completely avoid hearing those idiots talk about how "good" they are. Unfortunatly all they want is attention and they get it from ESPN.
I fixed the title for you. Kellen needs to play an entire season before it starts all that stuff.
Kellen needs to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING before he starts talking like that.
The Kellen will now put the lotion on it's body...
"I fixed the title for you. Kellen needs to play an entire season before it starts all that stuff."

Nooooooo, I'm a soldier
Didn't he score like 1 or 2 touch downs against us?
Actually he's having a really good season...

but I agree, he is a dope.

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