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Aug 8, 1999
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Tampa Bay never returning a kick off for a TD or the NY Mets never throwing a no-hitter???

(Part of the reason for this thread is an attempt to jinx Carolina tonight:ezbill: )
TB not returning a kickoff has to more amazing! You can luck into a kickoff return.......you can't luck into a no-hitter.
TB not returning a kickoff, by a longshot. No-hitters are very rare. Like there are only a couple per year, at most, out of thousands of games played.

There are dozens of kickoffs returned per year, out of mere hundreds of games.
Definitely the Bucs is the more pathetic, um, amazing?, stat. MLB went over two years between the last two no-hitters. They are a serious rarity and getting more rare all the time it seems, while returns for TDs happen almost every week in the NFL.
I remember the Bucs almost got one in 2001 against the Saints. Aaron Stecker returned it like 80 yards before finally getting chased down by Michael Lewis right before the endzone. That was when they were still running the promotion every home game for a fan to get a million dollars if they returned one. Sometime after that game they stopped doing that.
Remember the Saints/Bucs game the 1st year Stecker was here? And he returned the opening kickoff for a TD. (i think it was the opening kickoff I may be wrong on that point). Classic.
Didn't the Saints return the franchise opening KO for a TD? How funny is that? Heh. About the only thing worse than not ever having a KO return is their ownage of futility in the only season a team went without a win, 0-14. They do have a SB ring though, so I can't bash on them too much.

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