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Are you tentatively interested in a custom knife?

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Sep 30, 2004
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Recently I had Buck Knives make me a custom knife in black and gold (brass, actually, but it looks cool) with some gold engraving that got me thinking about doing something for the site. If there is enough interest (250 minimum, all the same), Buck can customize a knife for us - a high quality knife, not a little ole cheapo. Price range $50 - $100 depending on what knife we (the buying members) decide we want. The options are aplenty.

The idea is to order either a folding, locking knife or a fixed blade with a sheath. Brass bolsters with a black handle and gold engraving on the handle. Something like, "Saints Report 2013" and a fleur-de-lis. That can be open for discussion, but we can't violate NFL copyrights.

Member gets the knife for my cost + shipping (I have to ship each knife myself) after discounts, etc. will get $5 per knife.

How it will work:
  1. Gauge interest and see if we have enough folks interested to start doing the work.
  2. Decide exactly which knife we want to buy and determine exact cost.
  3. Set up a Paypal account which Andrus will have access to as well as myself (there may be a small Paypal cost as well, not sure)
  4. Collect $$$ (it will take 4 - 6 weeks to get the knives once we order them)
  5. Ship knives out to buyers

If we start collecting money and not enough people come through, then I'll reimburse whatever money we collect less anything Paypal charges. But I'll try to get solid commitments before we do that so that won't (hopefully) be an issue.

So, there is the concept. Step one is to find out if there is enough interest to go any further so let me know if you are interested. If we have enough people interested, I'll throw some options and rough costs out there for your consideration.

This could be fun and we would wind up with a very unique knife, made once in very limited quantities.

Thoughts? :)

BTW, Buck Knives come with a lifetime warranty. FWIW.
And they are made in the US, right? I am tentatively interested, depending on the type of knife everyone goes for and the final cost.

Do you have a picture of the one you had made?
I would be interested also. Pic would be great. Think I woulld prefer he hunting knife but would be happy with a Saints folding knife
And they are made in the US, right? I am tentatively interested, depending on the type of knife everyone goes for and the final cost.

Do you have a picture of the one you had made?

Yes, made in USA. And I expect this first round to gauge interest to be tentative until we get down to specifics. No way around that.

Sorry, no pic yet. It is on order - same 4 - 6 week wait. I just ordered it last week. ;)

But you can go here, select the folding hunter (that is the Buck 110), black blade (I preferred the S30V, but thought the black looked better in this case), [Edit: Asian Waterbuffalo handle], brass bolsters and rivets, finger grooves, name engraved on blade, "SB 44" engraved on front bolster, "31 - 17" on rear bolster and that is very close to the knife that I ordered. [Edit II: the name on the blade is in gold, which you can't get through the standard custom shop, otherwise exactly the same]

Keep in mind that we won't be limited by the knives in the custom shop, nor the cost. Since we will be ordering a solid lot of 250+, our options open up to many of Buck's other knives including some substitution of handle material and such. And we can get the engraving done on the handle instead of blade and bolsters.
Rugger has some troublesome tumbleweeds that have rolled into town. I could use a new sticker.

I'm in

250 is a high target, though

Yeah, I know. That is my biggest concern. But hoping that over the next couple of weeks - with the traffic we get - maybe we'll have enough to make it happen. Unfortunately, less than 250 won't work for Buck. Still, if we get anywhere close, I plan to see if I can talk them into working with us anyway.

We'll see. :)

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