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Jan 8, 2007
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Madisonville, LA
So I watched RAW last night for the first time in a few weeks and it was better but still not great.
The opening 6 man tag was o.k. Typical wwe throw everyone in a tag match thing. Cena's hair is just awful though, geez!!

Decent tag match b/t Revival and Gable/Roode but the audience just didn't care. Not sure why they should when WWE really doesn't so.....

Very awful awful awful Alexa Bliss segment followed by a trainwreck of a match b/t Nia and Sasha. I was legitimately scared for Sasha being in the ring with the careless Nia Jax. She is going to hurt someone very badly and possible end someones career. Seriously. She is unsafe and should not be allowed to wrestle until she figures it out, I don't care who her freaking cousin is. The top rope spot she did to Sasha was one of the most careless things I have ever seen in a match. She just dropped her onto the top rope and nearly broke her neck. She is the WORST wrestler on any WWE roster, by far. SMH......

The falls count anywhere match was okay. This feud just hasn't been clicking for some reason. Just not feeling Rollins/Ambrose. man Rollins is soooo good when he wan't to be though. I keep dreaming about a possible Rollins vs. Omega match, and then remember that WWE would just mess it up in some kind of way.

The Lesnar/Braun segment was terrible. Braun came off really bad to me. Just an idiot. Lesnar and Heyman are sooooo repetative. Same thing every time he appears. Can Lesnar just go away please???? I don't want to see him anymore for anything. Boring.

I did however love the Mean Gene package and the Hogan promo. Now let me say I am NO fan of Hogan. In fact I despise him for many reasons and wished he would never appear on WWE again. However, he did a great job of getting people to remember Mean Gene and paid a great tribute to him. It was cheesy, it was corny, but gosh darnit, I loved every second of it!! RIP Gene.

Mean, Whooooooooo, by god Gene!!!!!!


Infinite Power is da ****
Aug 7, 2002
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Wait, is Alexa still injured? What the hell? Just let her stay home and recover.

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