Official Wrasslin' Thread (renamed to reflect the discussion) (20 Viewers)

Not home yet, but supposedly Roman is supposed to get a new belt tonight.
Just got caught up...

First match went a little long with the Brawling Jobbers.
2nd match - No change from last week. B Fab still smoking hot with a match I didn't care about.
At least we know who's competing for WMitB match.
Lacy has definitely fallen from grace.
Figured LA Knight would win.
I just knew Solo was going to turn on Jimmy. I thought he was going to nail Jey as well. Looks like there could be a Jey and Jimmy angle going.
Finally caught up. The Solo attack was so forecasted in what they were doing. Guess we're getting a tag team match at MITB.

Now, what I would've done for the women's qualifying match would've been automatically killing Damage CTRL by booking Bayley against Io. That would've been awesome to do.

Knight going over was an obvious decision for a few reasons. One, they needed to begin adding heels since faces won on Monday night. Secondly, I think Tez's singles push is best served pitting him against Theory for the US title. It's time for him to win a singles belt.

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