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Make it happen dammit...

Finally caught up. The Solo attack was so forecasted in what they were doing. Guess we're getting a tag team match at MITB.

Now, what I would've done for the women's qualifying match would've been automatically killing Damage CTRL by booking Bayley against Io. That would've been awesome to do.

Knight going over was an obvious decision for a few reasons. One, they needed to begin adding heels since faces won on Monday night. Secondly, I think Tez's singles push is best served pitting him against Theory for the US title. It's time for him to win a singles belt.
I actually like DC, but with Dakota injured, I guess I can see it. But I want Bayley leading a faction.
Not shocking. I watched BG, but I'm sure a lot chose to watch DoN instead. That said, I saw the DoN numbers and they weren't that great either.

AEW is in a rough patch. The outlier of the Wembley ticket sales aside, they've had a decline in viewership and live attendance recently. The hardcam side at DoN was mostly empty. Ticket sales for the first Collision taping were moving pretty slow as well, which is likely why he randomly announced Punk beforehand in a recorded statement instead of doing the surprise build up.
Don’t want to see it but Collision is going to flop just like Rampage

Nothing is going to succeed on a Saturday Night. Especially during College football season.

Hell, with the exception of Smackdown has ANY promotion's attempt at a second major show ever worked? WCW Thunder? TNA whatever it was? It rarely works. It didn't even work with Rampage.

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