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May 29, 2006
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Hello all... its not too early to start thinking about next offseason. Our cap situation is looking REAL good, and we have a whole lot of picks in the draft... as of now, we have:

1st rd: 1
2nd rd: 1
3rd rd: 1
4th rd: 3 (ours, KCs for Bennett, and Philliy's for Donte which will be a 3rd if they re-up)
5th rd:1
6th rd: 1

We own a pick from ATL for Gandy... but I don't know what it is. So all told... we own 9 picks. We can do some serious wheeling and dealing. We can trade up for a higher pick, or we can use a mid-rounder for a current player... the options are endless.

Our obvious needs are at CB, MLB, and TE. Below are the top 3 FAs at each position (IMO). I'm not saying go after all of these guys.. I'm just saying...:


Lance Briggs - Could slide to the middle... but would be solid pickup at any of the LB spots
Cato June - Playmaker... would be an upgrade over Shanle, who could provide excellent depth
Na'il Diggs - Solid LB, but not much better than Fujita or Shanle. Could be a good MLB if allowed to roam.


Nate Clements - Would be the shut down corner that we need for the type of defense we play.
Asante Samuel - I think he's a better zone corner that man-to-man in your face guy, but still an upgrade.
Randall Gay - He's injured this season, but if he comes back healthy he could be a good pickup. He played mainly man coverage at LSU, and he'd also be an upgrade.


Daniel Graham - He would be the missing piece of our offense if we could land him. Great receiving TE, and good blocker. Could stretch the field vertically right up the middle with his speed, and has great hands.
Zach Hilton - Yeah I know... beating the dead horse here... but lets say Zach works REAL HARD at his blocking this offseason. We know he's a threat as a receiver... but his blocking has been his problem. If he can become a solid blocker, Zach could be the TE threat that we need.
Eric Johnson - This guy reminds me of JHason Whitten. Not real flashy, but does everything asked of him. He was a pro bowler before injuries set in... but I really don't think he's an upgrade over Billy Miller.

Here are other notable FAs...

Drew Bennett - Dependable... excellent hands... great route runner... could be Joe's replacement.
Jeremy Stevens - Soft as wet toilet paper... maybe a change of scenery will do him some good.
Leonard Davis - Mammoth tackle... our O-line is solid, but competition is always good, and quality depth is essential.
Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack - Again... quality depth won't hurt.
Dwight Freeney - yeah right... can't afford him anyway.. but could you imagine him and Will Smith if Charles decides to leave?
Justin Smith - Could be a solid pickup. Currently has 53 tackles and 6.5 sacks... thats actually better stats than both Will Smith and C. Grant.

Here's Mel "Hair" Kiper's top 32... We are guaranteed at least one of these guys unless we trade down...

Here are his top DBs...

Here are his top LBs...

Here are the TEs...

The way I see it... if Patrick Willis is available when we pick (at #32 :ezbill: ), I think we'll take him unless there is something the FO doesn't like (if he's not a character guy). If Willis is gone, I say trade back a few picks and wheel and deal. There may be some unknowns that put on a show at the combines and at pro days... but MLB is a must.

Just my 2 cents anyway... what do you guys/gals think?
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Mar 15, 2006
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Great Post! I think you've overlooked the need at OL. We need more depth there as well. I look for the CB position to be filled in FA and the draft to focus on DL, OL, LB, TE, and maybe WR.

I think we go TE in the first (low selection) and the BPA at OL, DL, LB from there on.

Oh, I look for Quentin Jammer and Randall Gay to be Saints next year.


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Jun 19, 2006
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Im thinking more about this year's postseason....


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May 28, 2004
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Jarvis Jackson, LB from Georgia should be on that list SOMEWHERE. maybe not a 1st round pick, but he would be a good 2nd/3rd round selection.


Oct 1, 2006
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willis is a good guy look at his childhood and would be an awesome addition to a well rounded lb corps

to fill the need a cb aaron ross out of texas might be the biggest steal of the draft if he slips to the second round theres nobody playing better at cb in the nation hes got big play potential and would definitely help out in the turnover department he could also return punts not that we need anybody to do that
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