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May 29, 2006
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lets start talking about next week's game. My week will suck regardless... every time we lose I feel like crap at work, so why not talk about the Bungal game next week.

Anybody wanna take a guess on the Vegas odds?

How many points will be scored next week in the Dome?

Will Reggie get his 1st 100-yard game?

Will Deuce and Reggie go for 100 apiece?

Will Chad rip MM a new one?

Will Rudy go for 200?

Will we blitz more than 3 times?

Enquiring minds want to know...
vegas, never cared about the odds, I knew never to bet for or against the saints or loose the money..

points scored next week, probably combined somewhere around 50. COuld be 80+ but more likely close to 50.

Reggie first 100, i'd love it to happen , but thinking more in line with 50-60.

deuce maybe if they dont' keep him out the game. he only gets a few touches, and defense has to know its him getting it because he's in the game.

chad will rip mm a new one, and craft 2 maybe 3 new ones.

rudy 200? nah 140 or 150.

blitz more than 3 times.... hmm sure at least on madden.

at the end, won't know till around 4est next sunday.
Next weeks game is going to be a scoring fest. We will have to not turn the ball over. The key against the Bengals is if we can get long sustaining drives that end in touchdowns, keeping their offense off the field we should get out with a win. Turn the ball over and it could give us some issues.

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