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Mar 30, 2004
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...I've said all along that Apple makes good products. I don't care for their business practices or Steve Jobs himself but I love their products and having access to their app world without being handcuffed to AT&T's slow-*** network is glorious.

Now, in the past I have jailbroken a few iphones and unlocked them to use on Tmobile. Help me understand the process of jailbreaking an iPad.

It was deemed legal to jailbreak you idevice and a website was set up (jailbreakme.com) to do just that. However, Apple didn't take too kindly to that decision so they continue to "re-lock" the devices with every update. According to quickpwn.com, there is a "tethered" jailbreak from redsn0w available for the latest iPhone/iPad software (4.2.1). What tethered means is if you ever need to reboot your device, you would have to re-jailbreak it or tether it to your computer and run a piece of software when you reboot it to maintain jailbreak. I think this is the case. It seems the development community is certain that an "untethered" version is days away.

Am I understanding this correctly?
Really? :hihi: There needs to be an easy antonym for fanboi. Hater doesn't quite fit.
I'm not an Apple hater, just an iphone hater (I own an iMac).

That being said, ipads are ******* ghey.
I came close to getting one (even looking up ways to use it without iTunes and to strip out a lot of the stuff once jailbroken), but the Tab stole my money.
I have a jailbroken IPhone 3G I use on Tmobile. It only runs Edge network.
Anyone know how to get faster speed?
Were I to sell on CL, how much to ask if it's in excellent condition?
Thanks, y'all.
I'm not an Apple hater, just an iphone hater (I own an iMac).

That being said, ipads are ******* ghey.

I vehemently disagree. I got one for my mom, thinking it was a pointless middle device between a phone and a laptop. But the more I messed with it, the more I coveted it.

It's just fun to mess with. I don't need one, but I'd take one in a heartbeat.
I'm absolutely shocked at how much I use my Tab. Last year I totally thought it was a worthless platform. I really, truly believe that we'll within a few years basically have servers, desktops, big tablets (ideally 19" at least with a range down just like with laptops), and either 5" phones or 7" tabs will win the big pocket war. I think, unless I break down and buy a new on this summer, I may have bought my last laptop ever, and no doubt netbooks are dead.

They already have dual screen capable 14" pads about to ship (www.kno.com) with a customized Ubuntu OS. It won't be long before the big ones slaughter the laptop.
I bought one for my wife for Christmas and after spending an afternoon with it I had to have one for myself. It is the most addictive and accessible electronic invention in the last 5 years. I love my rooted Android phone (which I use to keep my wi-fi only IPad on the internet all day). Having access to both Android and Apple market is wonderful. Most especially because I'm eliminating AT&T from the equation and am getting fast 4G speeds via TMobile (4-6 Mbps) on my phone and Ipad everywhere.

I contacted buzd (who just bought one) and Mongoose (who I swear has an Apple tattoo on him somewhere) and got honest opinions from both on the "middle ground" that the Ipad seems to be hovering in. They were both honest and helpful.

I scoured the internet for articles and sales figures of competing technologies and discovered excellent numbers not really for "Tablets" over all but for the Ipad specifically. It isn't like Android vs iPhone where the success is close a tug of war, if you're in the market for a tablet, Apple owns that market.

jailbreaking is a must because, frankly, I still hate Apple. I hate the stringent rules and walled garden they claim is for my own good. I hate Steve Jobs and his stupid face. I hate the built-in obsolescence of not including an SD card slot for expandable media storage (really? still?). Why didn't you put a camera on it Apple? I have a 2003 Samsung phone with a VGA camera on it. It couldn't possibly be because you want me to feel obligated to purchase the new model when it comes out in April? I ****ing hate Apple.

That being said, the products they put out are functional and in a lot of cases superior to the competition. They falter to Google in quite a few areas as well. Having the best of both worlds is the position I've put myself in.

A list of things the Ipad comes close to replacing if not replacing all together:

Digital Picture frame-Didn't think I really cared for this but you have to see the resolution on this thing. If you have a good camera, it's stunning

Ebook Reader-this is big for me. I read a lot so I can make insubstantial claims of my intellectual superiority on these boards. Seriously, it takes a quick google and you'll be drowning in over 700 of the most popular titles of the last 50 years for free (don't even think to ask me how). When I found that, it justified the cost alone figuring $10.00 an ebook. It's an awesome ebook reader. Kindle and Nook have great apps for the Ipad. Google and Apple do as well. The choices are limitless. The ebook reader is heading for the museum.

Latop-It does not replace my laptop. It can't. You need to hook this up to something to use Apple's proprietary iTunes software. Another thing about Apple I dislike. So a computer of some sort is necessary. If you have a desktop, you can very easily get away with just the iPad but circumstances vary greatly from person to person.

Portable gaming console-the games in the App store are gorgeous. There is so much content and a very intuitive way to sort through it all based on your personal preference for games. It's not a replacement for the 360/PS3 but it's far superior to the DS/PSP and just as portable.

MP3 Player-I'm not showing up to the gym with this, my cell remains my primary MP3/IPOD solution. It's great, however for streaming Pandora through a sound system while not having to purchase a seperate MP3 player or sacrificing your cell phone accessability.

Netbook-It absolutely replaces a netbook. The cover of the USA today on this day, December 29 2010, has a story on the front page with sales figures suggesting the demise of the netbook in 2011 as the Ipad enjoys amazing retail returns.

Portable DVD player-Netflix is fast and gorgeous on this thing. I have played "Elmo in Grouchland" for my daughter so much that I'm starting to regret ever showing her.


A few things that I enjoy about the Ipad over my laptop:

Size--iPad wins this one. There is no debate. Sometimes I forget I am even carrying it, especially if I am also carrying papers and folders with it. When was the last time you forgot you were carrying your laptop?

When I'm looking for a quick bit of info I would turn to my cell screen which is adequate - 4" and always in my pocket. Sometimes, 4" doesn't cut it. Just ask Twenty4Seven's wife.

The Ipad is always ready to go. I have to take out my i7 laptop with 8GB Ram and wait for the booting process until my password screen appears. The Ipad turns on and you're on the net viewing fully rendered webpages in less than 5 seconds.

App Store is huge. Just..............huge. It frightens me.

Battery Life- I left my ipad unplugged at 10:30 today and went for lunch and drinks in the French Quarter. I got back at 4pm and the battery percentage was 100%. I have been using it lightly for the last 3 hours and the battery percent is, let me check...............Holy ****! It's still at 100%?! It completely and utterly demolishes any other electronic device I have ever seen. I used it solidly the other day, non-stop and got through 12 hours before I went to bed and recharged it from 63%. You will not believe the battery life. You won't.

Portable Office-Between evernote, email, calendar (orgasmic at this size and resolution), an DocumentstoGo (Office app) this thing is an amazing replacement for my laptop so far which brings me to another thought....

Typing-Still superior on the laptop. But not as much as you'd think. I was extremely worried about typing on a tablet. You can't rest your fingers on the keys, it didn't seem conducive to typing. I was wrong. This was a big hang-up for me about buying this thing. You really need to try it out in landscape using the Apple case they sell at Best Buy that elevates the Ipad slightly. You'll be more than happy. If I can type 70 words per minute on the laptop I'm doing 60, easy, on the Ipad.

Well, that's it for now. This may be the longest post in my 7 year history on Saintsreport. Felt good too. I typed it on the Ipad.

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