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Well, as most of you I was completely ticked off at the end of the game. We should have won that game and it shouldn't have been close. Below are my thoughts in regards to what happened, what needs to happen down the line, etc.

Drew Brees - I believe I thank God every day for Drew brees ending up in New Orleans. He is such a leader on the field and knows when and where to throw the ball. If he gets intercepted it usually is because the ball is tipped and not because of a bad throw.

Marques Colston - I believe I thank God for Colston as well. For him to come in here and do what he is doing is just awesome. I just sit back and watch history unfold. All he does is catch the ball and make db's look silly while doing it.

For next season a lot of work has to be done on the defense. I don't care how well the linebackers have played we need guys that will not get caught out of position and allow this runs on the outside. Defenses that have at least a solid middle linebacker that can run sideline to sideline does not usually give up the runs like this. Up the middle we are fine, but when we have to run to make the tackle it isn't happening. We have no contain. Teams are going to continue to run to the outside if we don't get it fixed. Whats the saying, fool me once.....anyway, We need corners as well. bad. No offense to jason craft and mike mckenzie, but we need better play from that position.

this season as a whole has been great. We have been in each and every game and minus stupid mistakes could be undefeated just like the colts. In previous years if we went down even 7-0 I knew it wasn't good because of how the team was coached and the players we had. But with this team I don't ever really feel that anymore because I know that they will never quit.

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