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Aug 1, 1997
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I've archived the old site for posterity. :)

Just go to http://srarchives.com . With the exception of the latest posts (posts made after it was archived and before we went live here) the entire site is there just like we left it. :)

There is also a link to it in the QUICKLINKS in the header. You must be logged in to see the quicklinks button.

This archive is thru 8PM Tuesday night.

For any later posts (For the ISP's yet to propagate) you can access the old server at until October 30th.
Another hint for getting to the smilies:

From Eleazor:
I think the reason people can't find the "more" button is that in the user cp > options, they may have the "message editor interface" set to "basic editor"

I couldn't find the more box until I changed that to standard instead of basic.
Subscribing to threads: Go to your USER CP and choose "unsubscribe" if you don't want to get all those notifications!

PMs - Andrus said he was in the process of movingt them from the old board to here.

Reputation Meter: This is a trial period. You only have a limited number of people to rate each day. Hopefully, people will use it to give "attaboy's'" for those who actually add content to the site, rather than to quiet those begging for "attaboys." :D You can always opt out of the whole experiment by going to your own User CP and choosing not to participate.

Many MANY features are still waiting to be added back in. What you were used to on the other board was a culmination of years of tweaking and customizing. The drop down Forum Jump will be back, spellcheck, etc. Just be patient. ;)

From Primadox, regarding subscriptions:

I had to fix this, too...it just involves resetting some options; it may be a good idea to look over all of them to see what was saved and what may have been changed to default. Go to User CP, then Edit Options; the second section down is Messages & Notification; the second box is Default Thread Subscription Mode. The drop down box probably has "no email notification"....if you don't want to subscribe automatically to any threads, change this to "do not subscribe".

Farther down are thread display options if you want to turn off sigs; I also recommend going to the very bottom and changing to standard vs. basic formatting, if you like smilies and such. Again, check over all the options to see what preferences came over with the change and which ones didn't.

I'm no expert (far from it!!), but this worked for me.
Logging in/Timing out: If you're logged into both the old and new forum at the same time, your cookies may fight it out and you'll find yourself logged out of one or the other for no particular reason. Also, it looks like this board may time you out if you're just browsing but inactive. Keep in mind too, that Andrus and JD are still updating pieces parts, so you may have to log in again after they've updated another componant.
Getting spell check to appear in your reply box:

Another way to get the spell checker up in your quick reply box is to go to your "user cp", then "options", then at the bottom of the options page under "misc options" set it to "enhanced interface full WYSIWIG Editing". Thats how I got my spell check box in the quick reply box. The first time you click the spell check box, you will be asked if you want to download IE spell. Download and run the exe file and bingo you have the spell checker.
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Custom Avatars: If you had a custom avatar on the old board, you'll have to upload it again on this new board.

First, if you don't have a copy saved on your computer, go back to the old site http://srarchives.com and find it. Shibby explained the rest of the process in this post, copied from a thread below.

Shibby said:
Right click on the image, save to your desktop.

Then come back to this new forum and...
Click 'User CP', Click 'Edit Avatar', Scroll down, click 'Browse', Find the image on your desktop, select it, then hit 'Save Changes'.
Left Sidebar:

For those who prefer more forum space, you can close the left sidebar (news and poll) by going up to the "Quicklinks" button. The last button on the list is the sidebar option, so you can toggle it on or off as you like.
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