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Dec 26, 2011
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Lake Charles, LA
I get the frustration, and am right there with all of you. As many have already covered, the fire Sean threads are a little too much... i totally get the reasoning for those sentiments, however, we have been cap strapped. I think the difference between us and other teams is better contracts... hear me out...
An expensive quarterback is just what the new NFL is these days. There is such a premium on a competent quarterback because there just arent many out there. What this does is magnify the importance of the other contracts. What is hurting us is the dead money (obviously). We just have so many bad contracts. I dont need to cover all of them or give examples of them as they have been well documented. To be a good team these days with a good quarterback, you have to hit on your other contracts.
Going forward we have 40 million in cap space next year (estimated). At least that is what I have read... maybe its less, but even if it is half that, we have the chance to bring in many valuable and talented players to go along with the good base we have now. We have a very good base for a team, but we lck depth. No one can predict injuries and we have had so many on defense.
I think you give SP a pass this year. They are moving the team in the right direction. I hate to be talking about next year already, but lets see where we are after free agency next year or two. I think this will be a completely different team. If after that we still can't field a competent defense, then I will concede its time for change. Until then, I will continue to be annoyingly optimistic.
BTW, I still havent given up on this year... as long as we have Drew and Sean there is always a chance.

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Oct 21, 2013
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Finally someone posting something positive after a loss. Thank You! Really Thank you! This gloom and doom every freaking's even more depressing than the games themselves.

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