One of the FEW things Coach Payton has gotten wrong this year... (1 Viewer)


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In an interview earlier this week, Coach Payton said (paraphrase) "No team has ever made it into the playoffs with 7 wins or less."

There may be others, but here's one: Before the NFL schedule was lengthened to 16 games, the old (1969) Houston Oilers made the playoffs with SIX wins (6-6-2).


But the coach's point is well taken: We can't even begin to think about the playoffs until it all starts to shake out in the end.

Note: Sorry if this point was already posted, but I didn't see this in another thread. But if it was... no doubt someone will make it known.


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He probably just meant that no team has ever made it in with a sub .500 record

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His larger point was basically: we're just going to shut up and play. That quote, and the others around it in the T-P article were gold. My respect for Payton just grows on a daily basis.

He's trying to explain that he doesn't sit there and pay attention the national media, or run probability numbers, or go "what if," he just prepares his team to win every game each week. He knows the Saints haven't accomplished anything, it's just like Brees said in the same article. The NFL is about postseason and championships. The Saints aren't there yet.


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He said "I have never seen it" not that it has never happened.

“This is my 10th year in the league and I’ve never seen a team win seven games and get into the playoffs,” Payton said. “We have a lot of football left. We’re sitting here at seven wins right now. We’re not sitting at 10 or 11 wins. We’re sitting at seven and that’s the approach I think you have to take.”

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