One Shutdown Corner , And Mlb Away! (1 Viewer)

Nate Clements, Roman Harper, and Patrick Willis would make a world of difference, yes :)
If LaRon were somehow there when we pick, we should take him. Bullocks has been playing like a rookie for two years now.
No more safeties. We already had 24 in camp this year and I like our starters....I want a couple good CORNERS! I think MLB could be upgraded as well. But mostly I think we need Harper back and some help for MM.

Sorry, we need 2 corners. McKenzie would be a great Nickle CB and a HUGE upgrade to Craft... and no offense to Fred Thomas at all, he's our best CB, but he's getting up there in age.
why the hatred for mckenzie and why the love for thomas ? dont forget that mike has to cover the best receiver on the opponents team , not the emergency WR like thomas.
I think Thomas has playes lights out this season but MM is still without a doubt the best corner on this team and I think generally uderated in the league and on this board. He plays hard and physical and rarely do teams have a big game on him. Now Craft....I take the fact he is on the team as a direct indictment of how bad the rest of the cb corps is. I would love to have FT as our nickle back.

Payton overhauled the roster of a 3-13 season and lost some talented guys in the likes of Darren Howard and LeCharles Bentley. I don't think he is under any illusions that we are not the complete team. He tried to patch over anything by signing guys like Simoneau and Shanle. In years to come he'll sign players who fit his scheme with ability and commitment like Fujita on D and Brees on O
How can people bash McKenzie and say Fred Thomas is playing good? Are you watching the game?

Seriously, McKenzie I think has played really well and Freddy has been a liability all season. Sure I know everyone loves him, but Thomas has been picked on every game this year.
They had a post the other other day, don't remember who it was posted by, but he posted that Mike D said he had talked to McKenzie and he basically said this would be his last year with the team. He said Payton wanted him gone this year, just couldn't do it.

On the playing note, McKenzie has been horrible all year. He has missed a lot of tackles, lets WR's get behind him, and just hasn't played well.

Thomas, IMHO, has been our best corner (although that really isn't saying much). However, Thomas should be a nickle corner nothing more. We are very thin at CB and will need a major overhaul there in the offseason. My prediction is we have two new starters at each spot next year.
Saints need to go after LSU's defensive backs. Damn near all of them have done very well in recent years in the NFL whether if they were drafted or not.

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