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Mar 18, 2001
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Democrats take control of the Senate.

A few of these are within the margin of error, but taking them straight up, Democrats would take control if the Rasmussen polls are accurate.

Those polls show
- Democrats maintaining control in New Jersey, MAryland, and Minnesota (and Connecticut - assuming Lieberman is an independent in name only).
- Republicans maintaining control of Tennessee
- Democrats taking a GOP-held seat in Virginia, Montana, Missouri, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania.

Just from poll watching and following the races from out-of-state it seems that Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Ohio are fairly solid for a switch. Montana is a little less so, but Democrats still feel very confident there.
The races are in Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, and to some extent New Jersey. Rasmussen has McCaskill with just a one-point lead in Missouri, Corker with just a 2-point lead in Tennessee, Webb with a 5 point lead in Virginia, and Menendez with a 5-point lead in New Jersey.

And on the House side - it looks fairly clear (again, assuming that the polls are reflecting reality) that the Democrats will gain at least 7-10 seats - with 10-15 other races holding the actual balance of power, and those races are roughly as close as the Senate races.

For political junkies it is shaping up to be a very fun night. This stuff is better than horse races.
So, you're saying I am allowed to wager on these races? :scratch:

Hell yeah.

I wish I would have locked in some money on the Tennessee race back in September when everyone thought Ford was going to take it. No way Tennessee votes for a Ford in a statewide race.

{now watch it happen]
Referring to the Democrats, Bush said, "We got some people dancing in the end zone here in Washington, D.C. They got them measuring their drapes'' for new, bigger offices in the Capitol."

But he added, "I believe I will be working with a Republican-controlled Congress and a Republican-controlled Senate'' in January.
Maybe he knows something about those voting machines Dads [can't find the smileys to let y'all know I am only half-joking].

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