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Swampy Saint

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Mar 14, 2008
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A few cuts, a few restructures and a few surprises should be announced.

I'm really hoping we don't sign any big name free agents and start building this team through the draft.

I fully expect Loomis and coach to sign a few guys that will add value as always but I don't think that will be today or even this week.
Once the first wave of over paying is complete, we'll start to see the meat and potato guys start changing teams. That's when we'll start making a little bit of noise.


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Nov 12, 2008
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South Carolina
We will aquire a few guys through FA but I fear they will be none of the guys we have all be speculating about here. Just look at the avialable FA listing and focus on mid tier to bottom of the barrel FA's and thats where you will find the names of those we will actually sign. This has been our way for the past 6 years with exception to a few big name guys like Brees, Shockey, Vilma, Sharper, and Sproles.

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