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Jul 9, 2001
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Omaha, Nebr
I gotta say that this has been a very painful last 4 days since the Saints got jobbed by the Donkey's and the league....Living here in Donkey land 30 miles north of Denver I've had to defend our boys and the game I feel was stolen from us... gotta say that Donkey fans are pretty disgusting, obnoxious collection of *******s... Anyway, besides that, I just do not feel that no matter how hard our team works to improve and move past the bounty bs, I don't think we will ever get a fair shake and I can't help but think what Drew said about "Nobody believes anything the league office says..." is spot on... I know some would say that I'm just a poor loser ( as some Donkey fans have tried to argue) but I don't care... and tonight we have to play on 4 days (NFL and $$$ vs player safety ) and we will march out onto the field in some hideous bizzerker-looking uniforms, because the league mandates Thurs night teams to look ridiculous, I will continue to cheer on my Saints and just sit back and enjoy the remaining time I have to witness a hall-of-fame career of Drew being screwed by crappy officiating and corrupt league office... anyway.. just my rant...maybe I'm totally wrong, and we are about to witness the second-coming of Brees and company winning another ring, but my gut says meh... anyway.. Geaux Saints!!!


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Feb 3, 2010
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Tonight's uniforms are pretty awesome...ours are at least.

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