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Aug 8, 1997
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(NOTE: I tried to search the archive but it doesn't look like it's possible)

My free one-year McAfee subscription is running out next month. I think I think I need a virus scanning package =oD but I have a nagging sense of doubt. I'm running WinXP over always-on broadband connection. Mostly browse using Firefox but sometimes use IE (or IETab) if I must. McAfee seems to be updating frequently and asking me when applications want to connect to the Inet. :shrug:

I guess this is mostly a fishing expedition to see what the tech-heads think about McAfee and virus scanning s/w in general. I should also check into some sort of McAfee reporting of it's virus scanning activity over this last year I suppose.
I use Avast. You can download it for free. I know some others have stated that they really like AVG, too.
thanks for the tips guys. I'll start shopping the freebies. I would have thought they couldn't hang with the big boys in this area.
Avast is a great program and it is free. I have used it for a few years. McAfee and Norton were resource hogs and were intrusive.
Trend Micro is about the least bloated of the pay programs as far as I can tell. I am not a huge fan of most of the freebies because I see too many people every day that have some nasty stuff going on with the freebies loaded.
I've used Avast for nearly two years now, on the recommendation of some of the people here, and never had any problems.
Stayed up late last night reading reviews and getting info. Kaspersky gets great marks but the free version (AOL Virus Shield) seems like it has too much disabled. I think I'm gonna try Avast first
I need some help in this area too but more with email SPAM. Does AVG help with email SPAM? LIke blocking it out from even coming to me?

Anybody know anything about this http://www.mailwasher.net/
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