Ozark season 3 this Friday 3/27/2020 (1 Viewer)

Ozark is my favorite Netflix show! I am very much looking forward to the new season.
Do not remember if I finished Season 2, but I will be ready.
Time to hit Wiki for a recap and maybe watch the last episode or two from season two.
Kinda surprised more shows haven’t moved their releases up

Woot woot!!!!! Yeah, I hear ya, I'm really disappointed in both Netflix and Amazon, would have thought they would make a huge effort to expand both movies and shows to the extent possible....but no, doesn't seem like they really care to do that....
I rewatched both seasons a couple weeks back. Easily a top 5 all time series for me. LOVE the writing, character development and story line in Ozark. I am excited, I expect I will be done with it sometime Saturday.
Two eps into season 3 and I feel bad for Marty, his wife is still finding ways to get them all killed.
if the US ever legalizes drugs, what will most TV shows and movies be about?

enjoyed ep 1 - has not tightened up narratively any - season 1 was in the BB or Fargo realm. now it's more like late season Peaky Blinders -still lots of fun
I'm three episodes in.

Episode two was a mess. The worst one I can remember.

Episode three was encouraging. Hopefully they are back on track.

The solution of cracking the slot machines and everyone winning at once was ridiculous. Why wouldn't you just call the police? I'm sure the Feds would be very interested.
Just finished.

It's not on the level of season one but overall it was another good season.

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