Panama ET creature found (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2003
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Immediately following this show was produced, we heard or thought to have seen black helicopters with men wearing black suits, black-hued glasses, and two agents by the name of K and J appear and show a device which would put this whole episode in context.

We awake now wondering what in the hell this "creature" is, or categorically deny any prior knowledge, IF IT EVER EXISTED BEFOREHAND, with the next news story about a recent flare up of alleged creatures that suck the the mere life out of goats and other cattle. Both Mexican and Texan cattlemen and ranchers are saying this creature eyes supposedly glow in the dark at night and to date have only be seen by drunk hillbilly/cowboy types who in our estimate totally destroy the credibility of any such creature's existence.

And now I must turn it over to my co-host, Mark Daniels. Mark, is it just me or you have been sleeping with my wife, who is a model for Victoria's Secret? Or I am just imagining things?

Mark(with a sly grin and looking over towards his co-host's wife in the studio and seeing his partner in crime) says: It's just you, man. Me and Laura have had no contact what so ever that we both didn't like.

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