Panthers have interest in Vonn Bell (1 Viewer)

Doubt he leaves the building to be honest. Seems like he just had to wait until drew was squared away
So he only has interest from 2 teams? That would seem to have him back here more likely. I don't think we would get in a bidding war for him, but would love to have him back for a decent price.
It seems like the Panthers are trying to drive up the price tags on our free agents, what with them spending free agency eyeing New Orleans like the eye of Sauron.
OK Vonn... you can either go to Carolina who is in a full-blown rebuild, and face a team 2x a year that knows all your weaknesses...


You can stay with the Saints and have a chance to make a run with a HoF QB and a defense that you’ve grown with
I think he’s gone. I hope not, and I really hope it’s not to the panthers.
I remember when we drafted him we traded up to jump the Panthers for Vonn Bell. Not shocked that they’re pursuing him, again.
If we lose Bell, I'm gonna be in need of someone to pull out the comparison chart of our roster between last year and this potential year...and then next, convince me that this year's roster is considered "improved" and better.

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