N/S Panthers trading Trai Turner to Chargers for Russell Okung (1 Viewer)

unless Carolina just wanted out of Turner's contract, that's a terrible trade for them
Seems like they wanted to unload his contract.

I thought Carolina is in the business of acquiring future 2021 picks, to stockpile ammo in case they want to get Lawrence/Fields next year..

So perplexing that they didn't get a Pick out of him.
The Panthers gave up the most sacks in the NFL last year. This move makes sense to me.
That smells...
OL for OL?

That's a terrible trade.

Your trading a away a top half O Lineman in the meat of his career, for an aged vet who's best years are behind him.

First they decide to keep.Cam Newton, then they trade one of their best O Lineman away for an aged vet who has had injury struggles over the last couple years.

David Gettleman is that you?

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