Panthers Twitter troll the Falcons new uniforms (1 Viewer)


And Atlanta’s response. In my best Emperor Palpatine voice: “yes... yes... let them destroy each other”

Is “shine thru the shade” the new “Embrace the suck?”
Who knows. They'll probably come up with something stupid. But I do love that they make fun of the way Cam Newton tweets.
So far, the NFCS is 2-for-2 on crapping their opportunity for new, cool uniform designs down their pants leg.
Weird Al Yankovic said:
ATL: All Total Losers

(it starts off with a high hat, so maybe turn the volume down if you press play)

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I mean it be even funnier if we was actually on them but hes not so it doesnt make much sense
If only Cam were, you know, still a Carolina Panther.
I mean obviously carolina’s burn on Atlanta is way better but I feel like mimicking Cam is at least a jab at the panthers’ fan base which are still reeling over Newton being cut
Shine thru the shade is not only the way Cam types it, its literally from Cam's twitter bio

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