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Nov 25, 2006
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I've been thinking for a while and have decided part of the reason Romo is so good is because coaches have such little film of him. Anyone think we have a HUGE advantage over Romo after payton has coached him for a while. Payton probably knows his tendencies and such.
Good point. Payton probably knows him better than any coach.
Yes I believe so. Payton had far more to do with Romo's development then Parcells
I talked to my brother today (who is in Houston) and we were discussing Romo... Romo did an interview recently and said that he owes his success to Payton... so I'd say SP knows Romo's tendencies... but lets get by San Fran before we start discussing Dallas... I think we are gonna smoke SF, but this game has "trap" written all over it.
Sure, that's part of the reason...but the guy really has played well. Don't take that away from him.
Payton is a quarterback coach by trade so I have no doubt that Romo's success has a lot to do with Payton. Romo reminds me a lot of a young Brett Farve.
Well, let's not look to Dallas yet. We have a very gritty SF team coming in here next week. Make no mistake, this game will not be a cakewalk. They are fighting for their play-off lives after losing today to the Lambs.
The defense for ROMO is to keep him in the pocket and don't let him get comfortable. I think you have to treat him like a running QB even though he is not one. Romo likes to get out of the pocket which buys time for thier receivers to break open. Keep him in a collapsing pocket and see if you can get him to focus on the rush and not the receivers.

My thought right now is to man up on TO and Glenn, bring 4-5 on the line and make Romo connect on quick passes. "Safeties, just don't let them get behind you".
I agree the 49ers are the most important task now. I wasn't trying to look too far ahead, I was just thinking about it and decided Payton could give us the upper hand in a close game.

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