Payton Picked Jets in July (1 Viewer)


Sep 20, 2008
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Portland, Oregon
Remember this:

If I had to choose one non-playoff team from last season that has a chance to make it into the 2009 postseason it would be the New York Jets. I think Rex Ryan will do a great job of creating a culture that lends itself to winning. I also love Mark Sanchez as a young quarterback prospect. We will find out soon enough.

From MMQB in July:

off topic but loved this from his article

So, Peter, what's with putting the Saints 24th in your offseason power rankings? I mean, where is the respect? Clearly, there is more to this than meets the eye. Here is my thought. Peter graduated from Ohio University, and earlier in my career, I had the opportunity to coach at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. These two schools are polar opposites and hate each other. That is where I believe his angst really lies. Or maybe Peter's mad because we cut Ohio University long-snapper Ryan Senser not once, but twice last year before the start of the season. That's probably it, because I highly doubt it's my play-calling.


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