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Oct 11, 2004
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Hi Mike,

Have enjoyed your viewpoint and knowledge of the Saints over the years. It is nice to get that view from afar since it is a little tilted toward the Colts up here.

I wanted to get your opinion on the Saints management.

The Saints drafts have been average at best since Rick Mueller and Mickey Loomis arrived. You have 3 good top picks in W. Smith, J. Brown, and R. Bush(although he fell to us) while many more busts Sullivan, Stallworth, and Meachem of note. The latter rounds have produced even fewer keepers, Colston is the most notable while every LB seems to be a bust as well the numerous WR's drafted. Other than last years draft I would rate the previous 5 years as poor.

The FA acquisitions are even more alarming. Lately the Saints seem to pick up "experienced, past their prime" players who seem to be gone after a year or two. The only two I can think of that are worth while are Brees and Mckenzie. It is very pathetic when this years free agents come in to fix the weaknesses at LB, DT and DB and they can't even beat them out for the starting job.

Of the Colts current starters, all 22 were drafted by the Colts. I think that says it all.

Just wanted your opinion on these thoughts. It seems as though the elite teams draft well and pick up FA's that are keepers to fill the mold.

Thanks again for all your hard work. Indysaint
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