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May 22, 2006
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West Lafayette, IN
I apologize if it is already posted.

In his long wind monologue, here is what he said about Brees:

And Brees ... one play symbolizes what a great player he is, and what a terrific influence he's become on the 6-3 Saints. (Sorry to be always praising this guy to the max, but just watch him play. At $10 million a year, with a twin contract to Tom Brady, he's just as big a bargain.) With the Saints down 38-24 and fighting for their lives in the fourth quarter, on first-and-15 from their 31, in the shotgun, Brees surveyed the field against a heavy rush. Darting this way and that, he began to furiously motion to not-very-swift running back Aaron Stecker with his left hand. Go deep, go deep, go deep! You know, like he was on the sandlot in sixth grade after school. Just run! Make it up! And I'll throw it as far as I can! Brees cut it loose, high and far, and Stecker ran under it and caught it. Gain of 42. Less than two minutes later, the Saints scored to make it 38-31. Of all the quarterbacks I'd take right now for my team, Brees would be high on the list.
Well, I try to be as objective as I can. This is one good play, which I am sure Manning, Brady, Palmer all have done that too. But, for people who are knocking Brees for not able to throw long, and not able to throw in the stride, this play can pretty much silence the critics.

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