Peter King is a Falcons fan v.twitter (1 Viewer)

So you are saying that Peter Cleavage, er I mean Peter Boobs, er I mean uh what were you saying again?
Let's be fair here... he also posted these:

Well, Sean Payton went overboard showing faith in Garrett Hartley this season. And Hartley just repaid him.

Excellent job by Gregg williams dialing up different pressures. Smart stuff from Williams tonight.

Brees is the coolest customer in the game.
I took it a completely different way. More like....You have gotten all the credit for being elite, so you need to prove it or step down a notch there.. hotrod!!
You guys really don't get the "in the moment" conversational nature of Twitter, do you? :)

Whether our next game against Atlanta is in the playoffs or next season, if a Peter King quote is brought up, someone will reply with this as evidence he is a Falcons fan.

I promise.
I think he was willing Shattyocre to make a few throws so he could release his next column: Ryan vs Montana...who is actually better?
Be real he is a fan of anything that gets him a story for his column...
how about Steve Young after the game telling Vilma (talking about how hard it would be to get back to the Super Bowl), "I WANT you guys to do it... but..."

I imagine Falcon fans everywhere were going wild over that one.

No coincidence that 2 of the best analysts - Young & Dilfer - are often in our corner.

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