Peter King "My first-half MVP is Drew Brees." (1 Viewer)


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Sep 5, 2005
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"The Saints were up 17-0 after 16 minutes. And with the Bucs getting close at 24-17 early in the fourth quarter,"

They lost 3 points? :interrogations:
Great read, except where he said that Strief was playing for an injured Stinchcomb...
Yeah, I already emailed King about both inaccurate statements. Maybe he'll print them up in tomorrow's column?
"Zach Strief (playing for the injured Jonathan Stinchcomb Sunday at Tampa Bay)" -- Peter King

His facts are a little suspect...
6. I think this is what I liked about Week 9:

b. The resourcefulness of the Saints, shut down on the run in Tampa but marvelous in the air.

c. Marques Colston. The 252nd pick of the draft is the NFL's offensive rookie of the year. Amazing. The Saints have the MVP and the rookie of the first half.
..."Reggie Bush needs to listen to what Drew Brees told me after the game: Stop trying to hit home runs on every run and muscle into the line for 1 and 2 yards when nothing's there. "

Drew sees it too...
b. This is a true story: I'm alternately working and giving out the Halloween treats (bags of chips, Doritos, Fritos) Tuesday night in Jersey suburbia, and a boy of about nine comes to the door. He looks into the bag of stuff I've got and says, "What's this crap?! Where's the candy?''

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