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Apr 19, 2003
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Rob Ryan must be a great interview. None of his last 6 defenses, in Dal+Cle+Oak, ranked better than 14th in yds allowed/13th in pts allowed.
Rob Ryan has been better at his jobs than Peter King is at his.
13 in yards and 14th inpoints? If we can improve that much, it'll be a CHAMPIONSHIP!
I guess this genius thinks a defense that ranks 13th in points wouldnt be an improvement over one that ranked 31st? By my math a 13th ranked defense equals championship!!

P.S. Peter King = Crap
If the Saints field a defense that good, they won't lose a single game.
A 13th ranked defense is a lot better than a 32nd ranked defense. I will worry about getting better after they get up that high.'s not what we want to hear but facts is facts. I hope Ryan can prove the naysayers wrong.
14th and 19th in yards allowed is still way better than 32nd+NFL record worst.

Last I checked, 14/13 defensive rank is considerably better than 32nd ranked with an asterisk to point out an NFL record.

So if that's the argument against him, I'll take it.

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