PFF: Drew Brees among NFL’s elite under pressure or not (1 Viewer)

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By Roy Anderson | WhoDatDish

Pro Football Focus came out with an article on Thursday, Jul 11, showing Drew Brees to be among NFL’s best when under pressure or not.

For all the naysayers talking the decline of Drew Brees, here’s another one for you, and thanks to Pro Football Focus for providing more ammo. PFF’s Connor Price put out a story on Thursday, Jul 11, titled “The NFL’s best quarterbacks working from clean and pressured pockets in 2018.”

Even for diehard Saints fans, there are still bits of data that come along regarding Drew Brees that seem to defy reality. And to think now how long he’s been with the team, it’s a multigenerational thing. There are literally families out there who were becoming fans when Brees came to town in 2006 who are now raising their kids to be Saints fans.

This newest bit of information from PFF concerns the quarterbacks in the NFL who, statistically, have the smallest drop-off when under pressure. The irony here is that Brees’ stats work against him being at the top of the list. He had to settle for third place. ...

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