Philly might sign Stallworth afterall........ (1 Viewer)

No hate here... but AB, I believe, never has had the touch that McNab has. Still, the offense was jerked this way and that way and AB was jerked around with it. Stallworth stays healthy and all else being equal then I think he does better with McNabb passing than he would with AB passing. Fair assessment?

Yes, but McNabb may be drafting his Hall induction speech. Few QBs can bomb, laser, plus touch pass accurately. I have seen instances of AB seemingly throwing too hard for shorter routes, but Elway & Favre are known for that.

I've also seen plenty here gleefully pointing out Donte drops in Philly. I think teams having 2 good WRs should bid on Donte.
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I didn't say Devery was "tough". I just think that he's more of a gamer than Stallworth is. Stallworth is afraid to take a hit, and Devery is a former RB.

No offense man, I was poorly trying to say that I really don't see much difference between dev and donte. I think they both make big plays when the ball is uncontested, both have trouble being consistant, and both have problems coming up with the ball when they have to fight for it. Devery, by the impressions I have, is more coachable, so I would rather have Dev here. Still, Devery could be a longshot to make the squad after this season. He has eight games to come through consistantly, so I am pulling for him.
Stallworth is lighting it up on the field.. GET THAT CONTRACT BOY!.. WOOOO.. extra 3rd pick FTW!
Stop the madness. Horn did pretty well with AB, but he's a better catcher. He also knows his routes. Rabid haters make that type of comment.

I hate rabies!!!!!! Not to be confused with Rabidsaintsfan. Don't hate that guy. I agree though, jabbing AB is kind of like Jay Leno telling a joke, simple minded and way too obvious.

Did ya hear about Michael Jackson yada yada yafa.

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