Pittsburgh Weather Sunday :( (1 Viewer)


Aug 7, 2003
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High - 44
Low - 40

Rain/Snow Showers

I don't put much into players that play better in cold weather, but we have a QB from Texas who recently played in San Diego (college at Purdue a plus) RB from Miss. who played in Miss. HB that was raised and played ball in Southern Cal.

LOL, i'm not sure how equipped we are for cold weather, but like I said I don't put much into all that. The "Favre Factor" kinda stuff.

I'm actually kinda pumped up to see a nice sloppy weather game with our Saints on Primetime TV (most places)
I'm not worried. Brees and the Chargers went up to Cleveland in 2004 and won in a blowout in the snow.
how will it be snowing if the low is 40 degrees? Is John Clayton doing weather now?
how will it be snowing if the low is 40 degrees? Is John Clayton doing weather now?

I'm not a weather man, but I believe precipitation is formed at high altitudes where it is much cooler. Takes awhile for 40 degree weather to melt snow.
The forecast has changed from yesterday. I think I saw a post saying it would be in the 50's and nice? (Although snow/rain showers for Saturday night)

Edit: Weather.com is also calling for 44 for a high and 35 for a low. NNW wind at 9 mph. 60% chance of precip
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im kinda of hoping the weather is crappy and nasty....the experience might help us later down the line this year if we make the playoffs and have to go to NY Seattle or CHi
why would we have to go to NYG or CHI when we will have home field advantage?
I remember a Dec game in Buffalo when Fourcade and Hilliard beat the Bills....15 degrees and windy. Hint, a QB with some mobility can hurt you.

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