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Oct 9, 2004
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Los Angeles

First, let me say that you ARE the man for football knowledge. I grew up in Biloxi and moved to Los Angeles 15 years ago. As a displaced Saints fan, I found SR ,especially your column, to be just the Saints fix that I needed. I remember meeting Buddy D in Mary Mahoney's in Biloxi several years ago and talking to him for about an hour about the Saints. What a memorable conversation that was! If you knew Buddy, you know he never passed up an opportunity to talk about HIS Saints! Your name came up during the conversation and he had a very high respect for you.

Well, my question is regarding a team's draft rights over a player. My brother, who's still in Biloxi, and I got into a debate about it. We're hoping you can settle it. He says that if a player is drafted but sits out the whole season, like maybe JaMarcus Russell might do in Oakland, that player can re-enter the draft the next season with no ties to the team that drafted him the year before. Is this true? I always thought that the team that drafted a player retained the rights to that player forever. If not, was it ever different than it is now?

I seem to remember John Elway threatening to play baseball unless the Colts gave up their rights to him. Didn't the Cowboys origninally draft Herschel Walker and retain those rights when he quit the USFL?

Thanks for your great column and all the insight to our local teams and the NFL and NCAA as a whole. You ARE the man!


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