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Mar 30, 2013
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Tupelo, MS
so, every new NFL season comes with new playoff teams.... alot of them. thats what makes this league so much fun..... the never knowing who will do what. every year, approximately 6 teams from the previous year dont get in and 6 teams that missed the previous year find themselves playing in January. with that in mind, who will be the new teams this year? (for arguments sakes, lets just go with 6 teams)

last years in the NFC we had:
San Francisco
Green Bay

in the AFC we had:
New England

where is the turnover?
i can see 3 in each. i see all the lower seeds in the NFC missing, that being Washington, Seattle and Minnesota. i just see the QBs having slight sophomore slumps, just big enough to cause them to miss. i know, everyone is on the Seattle bandwagon and has them in the Superbowl, but i think they are overhyped and will take a step back.
i see New Orleans, Tampa Bay and New York getting in.

the AFC i see Houston, Baltimore and Cincinnati. i see Indy winning the South and being the only south team in. i think Luck takes a huge leap forward. i see Pittsburgh winning the North again so obviously they get back in. i also see the Browns, yes, the BROWNS getting a 6 seed in the same way Minnesota did, with a heavy power running game, average QB play and a really good defense. i also see the Jaguars.... no im just kidding, i see the Jets........ JOOOKKKEEE..... seriously, i see the Chargers having a bounce back year, maybe 10-6 to earn the 5 seed. any thoughts? or did everyone stop reading already?
I do not think Tampa Bay gets in thats for sure. Not with freeman. He is a bum. Id like to see the giants miss the playoffs again.

I say


St Louis

WC i think comes down to these 4
I would add Kaep to the list of those who could have a "sophomore" slump
Though he's not technically a sophomore this is his first offseason - and with that ego you have to wonder if he's steve young or Matt cassel
I see the AFC as follows in no particular order:

Patriots (never count out Brady)
Broncos (two words : Peyton Manning)
Texans ( there passing game will be improved and there defense monstrous)
Colts (oline was young last year and got better.)
Bengals (yup. I have no faith in the Ravens next year, and with the deoarture of Wallace, Roethlisberger lost his best weapon. The defense also lost there best corner and best pass rusher)
Steelers / Chiefs (see above for steelers, this is a wild card pick. Say what you want, but Reid is a great coach. Smith will find Reids west coast offense. But the defense is in question.)


Saints (Two words: Sean Payton)
Packers (Rodgers)
Bears (the D is sick, and Kromer will have that oline much improved. Cutler finally gets protection)
49'ers (Rams could take division- Keapernick will slumo but the Defense is so good it will carry the offense.)
Falcons (I love watching em lose in the.playoffs)
Redskins ( they out do the g-men, and lets be honest. Vick led Eagles or Romo led Cowboys aren't a true threat for a full season.)
there is gonna be some random team that literally no one (outside of their own fanbases) is talking about. Someone like a jacksonville, or tn, or miami or buffalo (im not saying those teams specifically, im just saying someone of that caliber). Remember that wash and minny were supposed to be 4th place afterthoughts last year, and both got in (skins won the division). To the OP, you may actually not be far off with that Cleveland prediction. Not because i have any real logical X's and O's insight...but because, again, some cellar-dwellar always seems to pop up and surprise people. Not sure how that ownership drama/turmoil will affect things though.

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